Naturally Slim is a proven technology-based weight loss program centered on the latest scientific understanding of nutrition and obesity. Upon enrollment, new participants are provided a Naturally Slim starter kit.

On behalf of Naturally Slim, EFS receives and inventories components of the program's starter kit. As needed, EFS assembles and shrink-wraps the kits, processes the orders in bulk and ships to the program participants.

In 2018, EFS assembled, kitted, shrink-wrapped and shipped more than 140,000 Naturally Slim starter kits.


Doug Fregolle Promotions is a full-service promotional products agency who has built a reputation for innovation, creativity and customer-service.

DF Promotions builds local, regional and national promotional programs to drive awareness, create excitement and increase recognition of their clients' brands and EFS is there to help. We provide storage, inventory control, kitting, shrink-wrapping and shipping services in a cost-competitive manner.

Elite Fulfillment shares DF Promotions' philosophy that "no" doesn't exist - there is always a way to get something done.


Visionworks (formerly Eye Care Centers of America, Inc.) is a leading provider of eye care services with more than 700 optical retail stores in 42 states and the District of Columbia. 

Elite Fulfillment supports Visionworks by storing internal store signage, display and marketing pieces and consumer collateral. As new stores open or existing ones remodeled, we pick and palletize materials necessary to outfit the store for its grand opening (or reopening). Inevitably some of these materials need replacing so we pick, pack and ship ad-hoc orders too.

EFS has delivered hundreds of LTL shipments and thousands of small packages for VW since 2014.


It's extremely important for children to learn to walk, run, dance and skip in a well-constructed training shoe that happens to be cute too! Mooshu Trainers are innovative kicks that are built with a wide shape and flexible soles for optimal support, plus squeakers that provide a bit of encouragement.

Our partners at Mooshu spend their time designing new shoes, calling on children's specialty boutiques, optimizing their online eCommerce store and partnering with online shoe specialty stores. Meanwhile EFS handles their inventory, order processing, pick, pack and shipping.

EFS has been partnered with Mooshu Trainers since 2012.


Alarms don't stop home break-ins. Nearly 70% of burglars enter by forcibly breaching a door. Without Door Devil, homes have a critical security weakness and burglars are in/out of a home in minutes before police can respond.

Our friends at Door Devil were growing their business but spending entirely too much time processing orders, building kits, driving to the post office and sending tracking data. EFS automatically downloads orders from Amazon and Door Devil's eCommerce site, kits the product, ships and sends tracking information directly to the consumer allowing Door Devil to focus on building the sales pipeline.

Door Devil has more than tripled their business since starting with EFS in 2015.


Diabolo Beverages is a manufacturer and distributor of a refreshing, sparkling line of drinks modeled on a classic beverage traditionally sold at French cafes. The product is a low calorie alternative to traditional soft drinks featuring all natural, exotic flavors – they also market two energy versions.

EFS provides Diabolo with a regional storage and distribution hub for its beverages. Since moving into Texas, Diabolo has grown their presence strongly and now utilizes almost 17,000 cubic feet of space at EFS.



Our clients at Good Science Beauty have extensively surveyed consumers and found that for most people healthy skin is almost as important for their personal happiness as family and health. Skincare really matters. So they’ve made it their mission to use science to solve problems without creating new ones. And help everyone to feel great in their own skin.

EFS makes sure Good Science Beauty’s unique technology (utilizing Good Silicon+TM - not to be confused with silicone) is delivered to beauty experts, influencers and consumers as requested.



Cabana Life focuses on fashions (including bathing suits, dresses, hats, cover-ups, tunics, shirts and pants for boys, girls and women) for consumers that are frequently outdoors. In company lexicon, clothing “that takes you from the sand to sidewalk.” The product offerings include clothing that blocks up to 98% of UV rays.

EFS welcomed Cabana Life as a client in 2017 and currently handles an average of 100 orders a day for them.



The Saints Gift Collection develops LED flameless prayer candles. The company has combined the safety of a battery-powered light with the flicker of a real candle.

Elite Fulfillment handles the storage, order processing and shipping for items sold on the client's website, on Amazon and in Christian and Catholic bookstores all over the country. Ever growing, The Saints Collection now ships an average of 148 candles a day from EFS' warehouse.



Founded in 2004, Los Angeles-based Rabbit Air has dedicated its time, energy, and resources to perfecting a product that improves quality of life: the air purifier. Their mantra - “To offer our customers effective, innovative, and stylish products to improve air quality, backed by friendly, customer-centric service” - has led the company to become one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.; having been ranked as such from 2009 to 2018 by Inc. magazine.

EFS processes ships an average of 650 air filters a week on behalf of Rabbit Air. 



Since 2003, Video Storm LLC has specialized in design, manufacturing, and sale of professional quality video and audio distribution devices for the custom electronics industry.

EFS is fortunate to work with Video Storm to store their innovative products and pick, pack and ship them all over the country.